Affiliate Marketing


The potential visitors on your website are able to see the instantly updated prices of different online channels on various dates they are searching for and if there are any discounts or tax cuts on your website, they will practically reach this information.

Or, when your visitor is about to leave the site, your instant message will (discount, upgrade or upsell) pop up and so you may turn this visit into a direct reservation.

We directly increase your hotel bookings revenue via websites with two different widgets completely programed by us.

We turn your website visitors into hotel bookers via these widgets using your online booking engine into your website regarding to the statistical databases tested and approved by our online hotel digital performance methods. From your own user-friendly admin dashboard, you change texts, colors and fonts in the settings. Also, you can see the searched dates and the demands of bookers and adjust your availability accordingly. You easily activate two widgets within your website interface and start to use it right away.